Digital workshops
& webinars

Digital workshops
& webinars

Topic suggestions:

  • “Growth with the help of intrapreneurship”
  • “Future-proof your career with intrapreneurship”
  • “Developing the business and employee engagement with intrapreneurship”
  • “Leading creative employees”
  • “Accelerating innovation with intrapreneurship”


Objectives: Provide knowledge, inspiration, research, advice and opportunity to exchange thoughts between the participants. The goal is for the audience to become curious, want to know more: “this is how we want to work”.

  • Duration of workshop: 2,5-3h
  • Duration of webinar: 45 min-1h

Examples of content in a webinar/workshop:

  • About intrapreneurship and why you should engage in it
  • How to find the intrapreneurs / intrapreneurs’ DNA
  • What competencies an innovation promoting leader needs
  • How to future-proof your career with intrapreneurship
    Innovation withstands structuring – the building blocks for making intrapreneurship exist in established companies
  • How to build an innovation promoting culture
  • What are the innovation brakes you want to avoid
  • My experiences from working with intrapreneurship and driving development from within established companies
  • How to handle collisions between management steering vs. employee passion
  • The link between intrapreneurship and teams with great wellbeing
  • The intrapreneur’s training program – about employeeship and self-leadership
  • 5 key questions & 5 first steps



During a webinar, I will include a shorter interactive activity depending on the size of the group (e.g. a Q&A, reflection, check-in/check-out). During a workshop, we will have about 2-3 exercises.


  • Webinar: 20,000 SEK excluding VAT
  • Workshop: 30,000 SEK excluding VAT