What clients and former colleagues have to say

Anna F

- Manager & participant in workshop

“You are very inspiring! Thank you for very good discussions in the workshop. I got lots of useful things with me, but great that you also sent me an hello today! It reminded me to talk about the creative room with my marketing team today, which was very valuable! Many small steps in the right direction.”


-customer, Sankt Kors Fastigheter

“You were so damn good today at the webinar! Calm and confident in your performance. Knowledgeable. And as I said before, incredibly
interesting topics.
A lot of questions were raised in me.”


“I was thinking, during your presentation, that you spread such good energy and inspire me. I believe that many people would get a a self- confidence boost from listening to you.”


“I recognize myself in much you were talking about and I will read your book with great interest to see if I “missed something”. Thank you very much for an interesting lecture!”


“This was spot on for me, both in terms of my own development and even later as a leader. Will bring this up at my next network meeting with other leaders at other companies. Many thanks!”


“I feel that I have an intrapreneur growing inside of me and I feel more confident in this role and also gaining insight into what I need to develop. Thank you for great inspiration. Now I understand myself better.”


- customer, Östsvenska Handelskammaren

“The participants are super happy! Many thanks for a great workshop!”


“Thank you for a great lecture! Have been working as an intrapreneur for most of my
working life but only now got a clear picture of what it actually means. THANKS!”


“THANK YOU for a very rewarding lecture – all of a sudden I got a name for how I work. I will dare to take up more space and raise what I want to my boss now”.


- entrepreneur, coaching client

“You inspire me. In some way, my heart opens up with you – and I remember what I truly want in life. You helped me realize what my heart is longing for, dare to take action and follow through. You are insightful and can quickly read between the lines. A fantastic coach, who I warmly recommend. You make me grow.”


- coaching client

“Words can’t describe how greatful I am to have you by my side. It’s magical how much you develop me. So from the bottom of my heart – thank you!”


- Certified Innovation Leader, Saab

“Charlotte is a progressive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable innovation professional who always delivers. We have worked together in many innovation projects, and I am very impressed with her drive and ability to act and inspire action. Fearlessness, cleverness and inclusiveness, are some of the traits which enable her success. She is excellent at creating positive momentum in an organisation’s innovation initiatives.”


“The dialogue between you and the moderator on stage was both captivating, knowledgable and fun to listen to.”


“A great talk about intrapreneurship and innovation. Let me know when your book is published – i need one!”


“Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge about intrapreneurship yesterday. You gave me new perspectives. Exciting and important. I’m looking forward reading your book.”


- Innovation Lead Consultant, Saab

“Charlotte is one of the most energetic, positive and enthusiastic people I have had the pleasure to work with. My overall picture of her is Commitment^3!”


- former Innovation Project Manager, Saab

“Working and collaborating with Charlotte was incredibly educational, fun and eye-opening. She is a true leader who wants to find creative solutions to problems, is responsive, prestigeless, gets groups together in tough change processes and dares to challenge traditional structures. I miss her at work, but I know that more organizations need her drive.”