This is the programme for leaders who want to become more innovation-promoting, take the next step as a modern leader and learn to develop creative employees in order to maximize business competitiveness & employee engagement. For those who want to discover more of themselves and their potential as a leader and bring out hidden creativity and strength.

During 3 months, the participants gets to learn more about creative employees and intrapreneurs – how they think and act and how leaders better can promote innovation for business goals while enabling their employees’ driving forces, creativity and self-leadership.


Today, ever higher demands are put on innovation management, and because of that it’s important that the business leaders have the knowledge and ability to understand themselves and their employees in that context.

Innovation is something different from what most managers are used to: high uncertainty, higher demands of trust, other KPI’s, being able to maximize creativity, take calculated risks instead of minimizing risk, understand psychology / motivation / innovative behaviors, allow mistakes / learning, etc. All of this, you will learn in the program.

The purpose of the programme is to create more innovation promoting leaders who can enable employees to both be able and willing to innovate. If the leader can do this, her team will create great attention and great results, both internally and externally – as well as becoming a role model.

Become the internal hero who takes the lead on innovation in your workplace – and who knows, maybe your team will be the one who creates the most innovation and the most value?


  • The programme consists of 6 modules over 6 half-days spread over 3 months.
  • It’s held in Swedish.
  • 6 digital group sessions (4 hours each)
  • 1 individual coaching session á 2 hours.
  • Before starting, you will be offered to fill in a get-to-know-you survey so that I can understand your background, expectations, goals and hopes on the programme. You will also be offered a “self-evaluation test” regarding your ability to lead innovation.
  • The participant is given challenges, exercises and homework and the opportunity to work on their own case. When you have answered all the questions at the end of the program in the case assignment, you have a complete analysis of the current situation regarding intrapreneurship in your organization, to further build on.
  • Free access to me via email to discuss questions that arise during the program.
  • Access to a Facebook group where the participants during the program can discuss, reflect and exchange experiences, progress and challenges
  • Check-ins between the sessions where I contact you to check-in on how you are feeling, how you are doing and if you need any support. This type of follow-up strengthen the feeling of being on a journey / in a process
  • Course literature included: the handbook ‘Boosting Intrapreneurship’
  • We will have two guests joining us during the programme: Leif Denti (PhD in Innovation Leadership & Psychology) and Anne Årneby (CEO at Nordic Morning Group and Board member for Svenska Spel)



  • Individual self-reflection test and feedback from your team (3 employees)


First session

  • MODULE 1: The self-reflection of the innovation-promoting leader: Do you really want intrapreneurs? What do you know about innovation? Do you allow yourself to make mistakes / learn, or do you limit the learning of others by being harsh on yourself?
  • MODULE 2: On intrapreneurship, its benefits and the intrapreneur’s DNA. Q&A with our guest Anne Årneby, Board member Svenska Spel and CEO Nordic Morning Group.


Coaching session

  • Individual coaching sessions will be held during this week (2h with every participant)


Second session

  • MODULE 3: Organizing for innovation – what characterizes an innovative organization / creative employee / innovation-promoting leader?
  • MODULE 4: The leader’s toolbox – checklists, tips and tools for leading innovation promotion in everyday life. Q&A with our guest Leif Denti, PhD Innovation Psychology, Gothenburg University.


Third session

  • MODULE 5: The Intrapreneurs’ training program – how to promote and enable employeeship, self-leadership and future skills
  • MODULE 6: Final reflection, personal action plan and summary – what can you do next week?


Each module begins with a check-in to get to know the group’s current mood, vibe and expectations of the session. Then I give a theoretical intro on the topic of the day. The rest of the time is spent on asking you powerful questions, discussing together, share experiences, challenges and reflecting on how today’s topic relates to your situation / role / challenges.

& registration

Location: Distance, via Zoom. 

Dates: Next start in Q1 2022.

Investment per person: 48,000 SEK excluding VAT. 

Registration: Book your spot here.

Booking conditions: Registration is binding. If cancelled later than 30 days before the start of the course, the customer pays 50% of the program cost (unless the place is transferred to another person). Payment is made via invoice sent out when the registration has been received and confirmed. If the number of participants is less than 4 people, the organizer has the right to cancel or postpone the program.

About the
course leader:

Your coach of the programme will be me, Charlotte Haegermark. I am an advisor and leadership coach in intrapreneurship, coach in self-leadership and author.

I work as an advisor to companies in innovation and business development, with a focus on employee-driven innovation (also called intrapreneurship). And partly I work as a coach for individuals and leaders / managers. Through these two areas, I get an overall foundation to stand on in order to be able to develop companies, teams and individuals.

I have worked as a leader at Saab for the new innovation unit I was involved in building, as well as development and coaching of the 12 individuals in the team. Therefore, I have good experience of what people need to be able to be motivated and be able to do a good job. I also have experience self-leading myself, going my own way and finding new paths. I have also received and been nominated for awards that confirm my ability to both lead myself and inspire others: Named ‘Top 5 most inspiring colleagues’ within Saab Group (2016), nominated for; ‘Forbes 30 under 30 list’ (2017) and to ‘Most innovative leader of the year 2020’ (Tidningen Chef) and ‘Future female leaders 2020’ (Ledarna).